About Weltsman Group

The Weltsman Group is the holding company of Emperor Group, Money Group and Diamond Group which are the Holding Companies of Multiple Businesses within the Weltsman Group.

Weltsman Family


The Weltsman Name has a Long and illustrious History having, according to a Family Tree study by a reputable Genealogist, been Established in 1499 in Bavaria, Germany.


Today’s Weltsman Lineage stems from Two families; The Weltsman Family & The Zelniker Family,

who left Germany and migrated to Israel in 1810 and 1850 respectively.


Weltsman Business


During the 1990’s the Weltsman Family arrived in South Africa and started various Businesses in a number of

industries, and with its growing success in the Diamond Trading, Mining and other industries,

The Weltsman Family led by Tsuki Weltsman went on to establish the Weltsman Group,

with the purpose to house the various subsidiaries.

The Weltsman Family’s innovation and diversification has resulted in a significant assets which is evident

by their success in industries which includes:

Mining, Diamond Trading, Fintech, Forex, Finance, Construction, Property,

Manufacturing, Tobacco and Commodities.


Drawing on years of experience as Leaders in their respective fields, the Family has Accumulated

a Worldwide Clients with Global Enterprises and International Partners.

In addition, investment in these business arenas over the decades has led to the establishment of dependable relationships with several governments and large companies in Africa and abroad.



The Weltsman Group was founded by

Itzhak Shlomo Zhalman (Tsuki) Weltsman - Chairman

Shmulik (Muli)

Weltsman - CEO

The Weltsman Group is chaired by Mr.Itzhak Shlomo Zalman Weltsman, who is also its Founder.


Tsuki, as he is affectionately known, has been instrumental in the Growth and Evolution of the business with his Driven, Energetic and Hands-on management style. He provides invaluable leadership as Group Chairman.

The Weltsman Group is a global powerhouse with strong Family Values, Ethics, and Entrepreneurial spirit. Committed to customer-centric innovation.

Weltsman Group is always ready to consider proposals and enter into Partnerships, Joint Ventures that benefit the parties involved.  As a Global Group, it focuses on developing products and services that meet the needs and surpass the expectations of demanding and ever-changing new markets.

Weltsman Management

The Weltsman Group Managment Structure





Middle Management




One of our primary business requirement is to make sure that the Group's employees show integrity and honesty in all their dealings. Weltsman is committed to high standards of corporate governance, business integrity and professionalism in all actions. Weltsman holds an ethos of compliance to protect consumers who use our products and services. We are dedicated to ensuring that our services are not being used for unlawful activities.  We strongly value our customers and take obligations seriously. We take responsibility and legal obligation to avoid any unauthorized activities and protect the interest of our customers.

Weltsman Vision

To be a market leader and preferred partner through knowledge, experience, innovation and Integrity.

Weltsman Mission

To focus on developing products and services that meets the needs and surpasses the expectations of demanding ever-changing new markets.

Weltsman Values


Our ever evolving processes translate into value and good service for our customers



We lead by example and all our daily interactions internally and externally are executed with honesty and truthfulness.



We are constantly expanding and creating relationships with mutually beneficial partners in order to deliver lasting value and impact the lives of our customers positively.


We are in the business of advancing and evolving our products and services for the benefit of our Customer’s.



We are committed to knowing our Customers and learning their needs in order to fulfill their expectations.




We have the know-how and understanding of the industry and use our 20 year+ experience to provide our clients with seamless products and services.







As a Global Group, we focus on Developing

Products and Services that meet the Needs

and Surpass the expectations of demanding

and ever-changing and New Markets.


+27 (0)11 838 77 88


The Forum Building, 6th Floor

2 Maude Street, Sandton

Johannesburg, South Africa

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